Resistance Band Set

Resistance Band Set

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Product description :
P90X will ask that you use resistance bands, elastic bands used in training. You will notice that we also list dumbbells but the bands will allow for better storage and portability when you travel. Not to mention they are cheaper than free weights. We also used them to stretch when attaching them to a fence or door.

If you buy this you are going to receive the following;
Bands in yellow which equal 2-4 lbs, blue equals 4-6 lbs, green equal 10-12 lbs, black equal 15-20 lbs, and red is 25-30 lbs. They are all also 4 feet in length.

There is also a clipping system to attach the soft grip handles or ankle straps. Carry them or store them in the included carrying bag and don't worry about anything happening to them because they come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

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